Dracula Audition Information


Production Details:  

Auditions and Performances to be held at Essex Memorial Hall, 5 Towers Rd., Essex Center, VT.

Audition Dates:  August 1 through August 4 from 7 pm to 10 pm

Performance Dates: Friday and Saturday evening performances October 13, 14, 20, 21, 27, 28 and Sunday matinees October 15, 22


Cast of Characters: 6 men, 6 women, and one girl ages 7-10.

ROBERT RENFIELD, a lunatic of unique appetites and an unfortunate sense of humor.

A MONSTER, a vicious supernatural demon; the shape assumed by Dracula when he isn’t concerned about appearances. Part zombie, part werewolf, he loves a good chase and is always thirsty

MINA GRANT, a beautiful undead woman in her late twenties. We will see her in various stages of vampirism.

MARGARET SULLIVAN, Dr. Seward’s loyal assistant. Irish. Tries to conceal her working class roots with an air of propriety.

ABRAM VAN HELSING, an older man, still in good physical condition, with a razor mind and an intense interest in the super-natural.

THOMAS SEWARD, an intelligent, fine young Englishman in his early thirties. The former fiancé of the late Mina Grant. A deeply caring, vulnerable human being.

COUNT DRACULA, a brute who revels in the pain and suffering he brings to others. Capable of enormous charm and courtly manners when such affectations are called for.

THE BRIDES, three Vampiresses with seductive ways and dire purposes

THE CHILD, female, between 7 & 10. Wears a communion dress.

NORBERT BRIGGS, an attendant at the asylum. A rough customer, not entirely a brute, but capable of violent behavior when pushed to it.

LUCY WESTPHAL, a lovely young Englishwoman. Extremely intelligent, and when not being drained of blood on a regular basis, quite vivacious

JONATHAN HARKER, a young solicitor. Handsome, impetuous, madly in love with Lucy.


 Audition Readings:

Dracula and VanHelsing

Seward and VanHelsing

Sullivan and Briggs

Lucy and Harker

Renfield and VanHelsing


Until we are able to get a full copy of the script to the local library, you can peruse a sample of the script by clicking HERE. This sample is provided by the publisher, Playscripts, Inc. and requires adding your email address to their mailing list.